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OncoloMed has a large network

Through our international network of hospitals and specialists, we can obtain quick information about the treatment options for your specific cancer diagnosis.

Get valuable feedback

For several years, OncoloMed has built up a large network of hospitals and cancer specialists. This gives you the opportunity to get valuable feedback from a number of
hospitals and clinics, and find possible alternative treatments than those offered to you at home.

We put our patients first.

Cancer treatment abroad can be expensive, and prices vary from country to country. With OncoloMed you have several options to choose from – even for the same type of treatment, which varies in price from country to country. Our policy is always to have close contact with the medical institutions we work with, and we have personally met many of the specialists who may be responsible for your treatment.

We always put our patients first, and we offer personal assistance in your fight against your disease. At some clinics we can organise our own patient coordinators, who can help you with all the practicalities that come with receiving treatment abroad. However, it should be emphasised that this is not medical help as the medical side of things will always be handled by each individual hospital. We can also travel with patients, whenever this is desirable and practically possible. You can talk to us about costs involved with this if this is something you would like to consider.

Some of our hospitals

Over the years, we have assisted patients to access treatment in a number of countries, on several continents.  Although a vast majority of our patients have gone to Germany for treatment as this has been suitable, we have had patients go to both the United States and China to name a few. Cancer treatment and research is rapidly developing across the world, of which China is a good example. Previously best known for its holistic treatment methods, China is now becoming a leader in a number of areas of cancer research. This is again reflected in the fact that they sometimes offer treatments earlier, before these are generally accepted or approved for use in Western countries.

Below are just a selection of clinics in our network we work with. All our leading clinics give our patients the opportunity to access novel treatments they may not be able to get at home. Learn more about some of the hospitals or get in touch if you have any questions about how we work. 

Medias Klinikum - Germany

Medias Klinikum, located in the town of Burghausen has been one of OncoloMed's main treatment centres since the start. It is an independent private clinic, caring for around 30 patients a week, focusing on Regional Chemotherapy, Electrochemotherapy and Oncological Surgery. The private hospital rooms include a bathroom ensuite, and meals are included in your stay. A companion is welcome to join at no additional cost.

Medias Klinikum in Germany - OncoloMeds main cancer treatment center
Medias Klinikum Oncologist Surgery logo in Germany

Northwestern Medicine - USA

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is Ranked as one of the 6 best hospitals in The United States. With its location in downtown Chicago, Illinois, there are excellent connections to the entire world. Northwestern Medicine’s cancer centres provide access to state-of-the art therapies and comprehensive cancer care offering leading-edge medical, surgical and radiation oncology treatment options, as well as access to specialised research, clinical trials and diagnostic services.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital in The United States
Northwestern Memorial Hospital logo in The United States

CNAO Foundation - Italy

CNAO (National Centre for Oncological Hadron Therapy) is an innovative and technologically advanced clinical centre, established by the Italian Ministry of Health for the treatment of radioresistant or inoperable tumors with carbon ions and protons. Read also one of our patients stories after treatment at CNAO here

CNAO (National Center for Oncological Hadron Therapy) advanced clinical centre in Italy
Fondazione CNAO – National Center of Oncological Hadrontherapy logo

Heidelberg University Hospital - Germany

Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in both Germany and Europe today. The hospital treats approximately 1 million outpatients and 65,000 patients each year. The hospital is known for treating cancer and works in collaboration with various research institutes, including the German Cancer Research Hospitals & Clinics

Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany
Heidelberg University Hospital Germany logo

Anadolu Medical Centre, Istanbul, Turkey

The Medical Oncology Department of Anadolu Medical Centre provides diagnostic and treatment of all cancer types in addition to preventive measures and screening of healthy individuals under risk. Treatment and observation plans for cancer patients are developed through a multi-disciplinary approach in cooperation with the departments of surgery and Radiation Oncology. Chemotherapy and all required procedures are performed by highly qualified doctors and oncology nurses trained to handle psychological and physical requirements of cancer patients.

The Medical Oncology Department of Anadolu Medical Center
The Medical Oncology Department of Anadolu Medical Center logo

Puhua Beijing International Hospital - China

The cancer centre in Puhua Hospital provides comprehensive therapies for cancer patients using Local, Systematic and Natural treatments. Puhua is dedicated to providing cancer treatment techniques which destroy the cancer cells, and respecting the remaining healthy tissues. These techniques can be carried out on patients with prostate, lung, liver, kidney, bone cancers and in general any solid organ. Their personalised treatment plan is selected carefully for each patient to suit their medical and personal needs.

Cancer center in Puhua Hospital China
APM Puhua International Hospitals logo

HCA Healthcare - UK

HCA Healthcare UK is part of HCA, which is the largest private healthcare provider in the world. In the UK, the group owns and operates six of London's most respected private hospitals and has the largest and most advanced private cancer treatment network in the UK. Their hospitals and cancer centres are found in Harley Street Clinic, The Lister Hospital, London Bridge Hospital, The Portland Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital, Wellington Hospital, and Harley Street Clinic. All the centres provide all aspects of cancer care adapted to the latest therapies and diagnostics available, including a number of clinical trials.

The Princess Grace Hospital front entrance
HCA Healthcare UK logo

StoreMyTumor - Switzerland

One reason why cancer cells thrive is because they are able to hide from the immune system. Vaccines pass unique information about the location of the hiding cancer cells allowing the immune system to recognise, attack, and kill them. A vaccine is one of the best strategies to activate the immune system to get rid of cancer cells that remain in the body after chemo/radiation/surgery. Vaccines kill cancer cells only; have no side-effects; are given in parallel to chemo, radiation, and other standard treatments; and have the memory to continue to work after completion of the therapy. Through OncoloMed, patients can store tissue collected from either surgery or biopsies or fluid from ascites drainage (paracentesis). Since 2011, StoreMyTumor, has developed from a specialist tumour preservation service for cancer centres worldwide, into being a specialist provider for chemo-sensitivity testing, genomic profiling, drug screening, adoptive T-cell therapy, and personal cancer vaccines too, making it possible for patients to take advantage of the most personalised treatments and leading-edge diagnostics. Every tumour is unique and contains important information critical to treatment, but tumours are normally not preserved alive by hospitals; instead, they are routinely discarded.

Immuno-Solutions - StoreMyTumour
StoreMyTumor Cancer treatment logo

Hufeland Clinic - Germany

Hufeland Klinik primarily provides biological therapy to improve the immune system of cancer patients, patients with other chronic diseases and people at higher risk of getting cancer and who need preventative treatment. Their treatment is based on a holistic concept that has been developed over many years with excellent results for their many international patients.

Hufeland Cancer Clinic in Germany
Hufeland Cancer patient clinic logo

SAPHIR Radiosurgery Centre - Germany

For over ten years, Saphir Radiosurgery Centre have been specialists in radio-surgical treatment using state-of-the-art CyberKnife and GammaKnife systems. Numerous tumour types and functional disorders in almost all body areas can be treated with maximum efficiency thanks to Sapphire's precise irradiation system, with minimal impact on healthy tissues.

CyberKnife cancer treatment in operation - Sapphire Radiosurgery
Sapphire Radiosurgery - Tyskland

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Centre – Guangzhou - China

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Centre is a premium cancer hospital established by the Company in co-operation with the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Centre, and is the first batch of high-tech projects launched by Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. Guangzhou Concord Cancer Centre uses the leading proton therapy equipment in the world to provide high quality and humanised cancer treatment services for patients in China or abroad.

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center
Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center logo

Erasmus MC, Netherlands

World renowned medical care at one of the best hospitals in the world. At Erasmus MC you are in the hands of well trained and experienced physicians. Internationally recognized for their leading medical expertise. Erasmus MC is the largest academic tertiary referral hospital of the Netherlands. The Erasmus MC expertise lies in the domain of complicated and/or rare health problems and diseases, including one of Europe’s leading cancer treatment centres.

Erasmus University Medical Center based in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Erasmus University Medical Center logo

Proton Therapy Centre - Czech Republic

he Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) located in Prague, Czech Republic, offers the most advanced and accurate form of radiotherapy currently available. Proton beam therapy, using pencil beam scanning, allows for a precise dose to be delivered to highly complicated target volumes while sparing nearby critical organs and healthy tissue. Since first opening in 2012, they have treated over 6,000 patients from 50 countries, who have traveled to Prague for its high-quality treatment.

proton therapy center
proton therapy center logo

IEO European Institute of Oncology – Italy

The European Institute of Oncology (IEO) is a specialist cancer treatment centre and one of Europe's leading cancer research centres. IEO is accredited by both the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Organisation of European Cancer Institutions (OECI) and offers preventative services, early diagnosis and surgical and medical treatment using advanced techniques and equipment. Extensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation are also available after treatment. IEO is located in Southern Milan, approximately 63 km from Malpensa Airport. It is accessible by public transport or taxi.

image of cancer clinic
european institute of oncology logo

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