Colon Cancer Second Opinion

When you have colon cancer, getting the right treatment the first time is very important; in fact, it could be lifesaving. To ensure the best chances of effectively treating the type of colon cancer you have and ensure the best quality of life, getting a second opinion can be crucial step in your treatment journey.

    When you have colon cancer, getting the right treatment the first time is very important; in fact, it could be lifesaving. To ensure the best chances of effectively treating the type of colon cancer you have and ensure the best quality of life, getting a second opinion can be crucial step in your treatment journey.

Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion for Colon Cancer

    Getting a second opinion for any type of cancer is common practice and recommended by medical professionals and oncologists. Getting a second opinion for colon cancer can have a vast range of benefits including:
    • Making sure you understand all the treatment options available to you
    • Relieve any anxieties you or a loved one may have about their treatment
    • Getting access to the right treatment for the type and stage of colon cancer you may have.
    • A second opinion from a specialist oncologist can also confirm your diagnosis and may be able to provide a more detailed assessment.
    • A second opinion can further help you to feel in control of your own treatment plan or regain control if you are currently undergoing treatment.

When to Get a Second Opinion for Colon Cancer

    Every situation is unique and, we would always recommend getting a second opinion as early as possible so you can receive the best treatment as early as possible too. However, this may not always be possible. There are a number of situations where you may want to consider getting a second opinion:
    • After your first diagnosis if you are concerned that your diagnosis may not be correct or, if you would like confirmation.
    • Before your initial treatment/surgery – a second opinion can help to confirm the stage and type of colon cancer you have which may inform the treatment you have.
    • During the treatment – you may be unhappy with how your treatment plan is going, the care you are receiving, or you may be experiencing side effects from the treatment you are having.
    • After treatment – you may need ongoing treatment or therapies after your initial treatment.

Questions to Ask When Getting a Second Opinion

    Getting a second opinion can feel overwhelming; particularly after receiving an initial diagnosis. It’s a good idea before your second opinion to be as prepared as possible to alleviate any worries you may have about the consultation. To help you with the process, you may also want to consider having a close relative or friend with you during your appointment. Here are some things and questions you may want to think about:
    • Can you provide me with additional details on the size, grade and stage of colon cancer? Understanding your diagnosis in more detail can further inform you of th most suitable treatment
    • Are there other tests you think could be beneficial to have?
    • What are the risks and side effects associated with the treatments you are recommending?
    • What will be the impact of treatment be on my life?
    • Where can treatment take place? Will treatment be in my home country or abroad?
    • How long will I need treatment for?
    • Will I need any further treatment?
    • What is the recovery like after these types of treatment?

How to Get a Second Opinion for Colon Cancer

    Oncolomed offer objective second opinions from world leading oncologists and colon cancer specialists, matched to have expertise in exactly the cancer diagnose that you have. Working with our network of hospitals and clinics, we will provide a detailed analysis of both your diagnosis and your treatment options, making it possible for you to make the most informed and educated decision about your preferred treatment pathway. Further, depending on the level of documentation available and stage of disease, our experts can advise if further diagnostics, biopsies and/or genetic testing are needed, where to get it, and at what cost.

    After having ensured your diagnosis is correct, we will confirm or propose the treatment plan that could be the best option for you. Either conventional, personalised or experimental/clinical trials, we will suggest world leading hospitals based on expertise more than location and country specific options.

    Our easy-to-use online platform uses the latest technology for secure data transfer, and we will involve you in direct communication with our specialists, who can address any questions and concerns you may have. This is carried out using our safe online video platform, so you can go over your treatment options face-to-face.

    If your case is not too complicated, most medical evaluations and reports are completed within 3-5 Days.

    Remember – there is no standard treatment plan that fits all colon cancer patients, as no cancer is alike and the number of variables are very high between patients. Your treatment plan should be personalised to you.

    Arrange a Second Opinion with OncoloMed

    Here at Oncolomed, we understand how important getting the right treatment is to fight colon cancer and live with the best quality of life.

    Ensure you are in complete control of your treatment plan by talking to our team about getting a second opinion. Oncolomed are here to take the stress out of finding a second opinion; and can help you deal with all aspects of the process. Our second opinions can be done online/remotely and in-person depending on what suits you best. Book an initial, confidential call with Oncolomed to talk to us about your situation and find out how we can help. 

    Alternatively, take a look at our patient stories to find out how we have helped and supported others in their cancer treatment journey.


Simple Process to Get a Second Opinion at Oncolomed

Case specific information gathering icon

1 Case specific
information gathering

As a first step we would gather all reports, scans and case history from you.

Medical consultation and assessment icon

2 Medical consultation
and assessment

Subsequently we would reach out to leading Oncologists and Hospitals within our network to organise an assessment of your case.

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3 Medical consultation

We would arrange for you to get a detailed assessment and consultation with one of our leading oncologists.

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