What is the risk of being infected with a disease while travelling?

Regular travel insurance includes a travel sickness insurance. This includes expenses in the event of death and medical treatment in the event of an accident or acute illness during the trip. The costs of necessary treatment and repatriation are usually reimbursed without an upper limit. The insurance usually also includes an accident insurance. This is an insurance cover that is paid out in the event of death or permanent medical disability as a result of an accident. The sum insured is paid as a lump sum.

Travel insurance can be taken out as individual insurance for a special trip, or, as most people choose, a year-round insurance that is renewed automatically until it is terminated. It is important to be aware that year-round insurance only covers single trips of up to a certain duration, usually five weeks. For trips of longer duration, you must take out additional insurance before departure. Travel insurance policies can vary between countries so check the policies in your own country before travelling. Usually, no medical certificate is required to buy travel insurance, but some insurance companies require a medical certificate from the person with a chronic illness.

There are conditions that are not covered by a travel insurance. For medical advisers, it is important to know that the insurance does not cover permanent illness that requires treatment on departure, or that can be expected to entail medical treatment during the trip. If you are in doubt about what the insurance covers, the insurance company must be contacted before the trip. Scheduled inspections, such as INR measurement during warfarin treatment is not covered. Conditions that have not been fully investigated are not included, even if you are on a waiting list for treatment. That you are not covered under the travel insurance when you travel abroad to have a special treatment performed may seem obvious,

Many credit cards include travel insurance if the trip is paid for with the card. These travel insurances have a reduced area of ​​validity compared to regular travel insurance. The Insurance Complaints Office therefore does not recommend the credit cards’ travel insurance alone. Combined with other travel insurance, they can be valuable because the total sum insured for lost goods, and any payment in the event of an accident, will be higher.