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Being faced with a cancer diagnosis can be an extremely worrying time, and when information and options are abound you may feel stuck and unsure of what action you should take next. This is where Oncolomed can help.  Acting in the form of a virtual cancer treatment facilitator, our services help cancer patients and their families navigate the cancer treatment journey,  and take informed action.

Oncology Services at Oncolomed

Oncolomed understand that every case is unique which is why we provide personalised cancer treatment services and an individual patient experience, to help our patients in their battle against cancer. We follow and support our patients every step of the way in their cancer treatment journey by providing second opinions, international cancer treatment facilitation, case management and advanced diagnostics.

Second Opinions

A second opinion can help you get an alternative view from a different oncologist about your diagnosis or cancer treatment plan. Through our network of leading cancer clinics, Oncolomed can facilitate an expert second opinion, enabling you to be fully informed about all of your options.

Learn more about our cancer second opinion services. 

International Cancer Treatment Facilitation

If you are not able to receive the specific treatment you want in your own country, Oncolomed can help you by facilitating treatment abroad. We are partnered with an extensive list of cancer clinics and leading consultants and through these partnerships we have helped over 500 patients during the last 10 years access personalised and advanced cancer treatments that are right for them.

Find out how we facilitate cancer treatment that may be available outside of your home country. 


Case Management

From second opinions to the translation of medical records and all the way through to treatment, we alleviate unnecessary stress by organising your care every step of the way. Oncolomed will guide you through your choices so you have complete clarity and take the best course of action for you.

Learn what we take care of as part of organisation of your cancer care. 

New Assessment of Your Cancer Diagnosis

Understanding all the facts about a cancer diagnosis can potentially save lives. By actively seeking a second assessment for confirmation of your diagnosis or for more information, you and your loved ones can be fully informed and understand all the treatment options that may be available in your fight against cancer.

Learn how we facilitate cancer diagnosis tests and assessments through out network of specialists.


Our Oncologists and Specialists

OncoloMed have built up a vast network of reputable oncologists that specialise in a wide range of alternative and modern treatments for different types of cancer. Learn more about how we link our patients to the right cancer specialist for them.

Supporting you through your cancer treatment journey

If you have any questions or to learn how Oncolomed can help empower you in your cancer treatment journey, contact us today.

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We are here to empower you in your cancer treatment journey. We take care of planning, organization and facilitation so that you can focus on your health and family.

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Please note that our aim is not to replace your personal contact with your physician or oncologist, but merely to provide a supplementary medical service to give you peace of mind. Our medical experts use cutting-edge technology, including DNA profiling, to give you impartial and independent advice and support. When embarking upon an important business decision, it is likely that you seek second opinions from your trusted advisors – why not do the same regarding your health matters?