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Managing aspects of your cancer care or care of a loved one can be highly overwhelming without proper guidance and support. From making decisions around what treatment you will have to finding the right doctor, activities can be stressful for patients to take care of on their own. This is where OncoloMed can help. OncoloMed step in to guide and help patients navigate the complexities of their case. Almost like a project manager, we are there for patients every step of the way from co-ordinating treatment and second opinions with leading oncologists, to dealing with paperwork and everything in between.

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Our mission is to bring together leading institutions and specialists from across the world to provide you with some of the best treatment options available – at home or abroad.

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How do we assist you?

Using our secure and confidential online platform, we assist you in a range of aspects of your case. Time is an all-important factor when it comes to receiving treatment in the fight against cancer. We aim to provide you with a fast and accurate evaluation of treatment options and, guide you in your assessments and choices. From here, we can help you find prompt treatment – at a faster rate than you may get in your home country.

We assist you with everything in the organisation of your case like:

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Translation of your medical records

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Conversion of imaging diagnostics

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Sharing information and coordinating with various clinics/doctors

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We are here to empower you in your cancer treatment journey. We take care of planning, organisation and facilitation so that you can focus on your health and family.

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