Cancer Diagnostics and New Assessments

A second take on your diagnosis

Importance of a correct diagnosis

A correct and accurate cancer diagnosis and full history are always the basis for finding treatment options and a second opinion can play a crucial role here. Getting an outside assessment of your diagnosis can help you feel in control, offer security and provide you with further information to make those all important decisions on which treatment choice is most suitable for your diagnosis.

Why do I need a Reassessment?

Better control and knowledge of the situation – It is widely known that detecting and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives. The same goes for gathering all the facts once you have been diagnosed with cancer. If you proactively seek a new assessment, you and your loved ones can find out more about your cancer and all the treatment options available to you. In this way, you feel a greater control over the disease.

Avoid the possibility of a misdiagnosis – A renewed assessment gives you a greater opportunity to choose the treatment plan that is right for you. According to a study, one in eight cancer patients is misdiagnosed. An additional assessment can diagnose another type or a new stage of cancer, which changes the treatment plan. If the original diagnosis is confirmed, a reassessment may provide you with more treatment options to consider. A rare type of cancer can increase the chances of a misdiagnosis, as the pathologist may not have encountered it so many times. If you have been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, a reassessment can help with a confirmation of the type and stage of the cancer.

Access to world class diagnostic means – Many hospitals have the diagnostic options that are most frequently used, but may lack others that are not used as often or that simply cost too much for a public health institution. Some hospitals have technology that is not available elsewhere. A reassessment from an outside doctor can give you more treatment options that can be more advanced or tailored to your individual needs. Most doctors understand that patients have the right to a 2nd opinion. In fact, there are many who encourage it.

Hope in case of complications – Finally, if you have been told that there is no hope and that your cancer is incurable, another doctor may still suggest any treatment options. Using our modern, technical platform, we can send your medical records and data to clinics in minutes.

How we help our patients?

Working with leading hospitals and oncologists from across the world, Oncolomed can help you receive a second test for your cancer diagnosis. Our mission is to guide you to make the choice that is right for you by providing patients with second opinions and access to alternative treatment options.  At every stage, you will be in complete control of your own treatment journey and we understand that you may want to look for other oncologists and treatment that you feel more comfortable with. We always advise that you research potential doctors, nurses and their administration to find the best team for your needs.

Use of Modern Technologies

Oncolomed help you obtain a new assessment by using a secure online platform that enables us to confidentially share medical records and additional information such as scans to specialist clinics and hospitals within minutes; saving you valuable time in obtaining treatment advice from specialists.

All medical and personal data is stored on secure servers that comply with the HIPAA and GDPR standards.

In addition to time, there are three important factors that provide optimal treatment results for any cancer patient home or abroad:

  • Early detection and an accurate diagnosis of the cancer;
  • The selection of treatment that is most likely to destroy the cancer cells and keep the healthy cells and healthy tissue intact;
  • The expertise of the professional health workers and the medical institutions that treat the patient.

Learn how our platform works by contacting the Oncolomed team.

While you may be feeling lost when dealing with cancer, Oncolomed can help you navigate and empower you in your treatment journey. Find out more about how we can help (link to services) or get in touch with Oncolomed.

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