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    Navigating cancer treatment can be an extremely anxious and worrying time. Added to this, you want to make sure you are completely confident in the choices you are making about your treatment plan. Getting a second opinion for cancer from a different oncologist enables you to explore all your treatment options and helps to give you the information you need to make those important next steps. Every situation is unique, and getting a second opinion can help you feel more in control so you can do what is right for you.

Why Get a Second Opinion for Cancer?

    A correct cancer diagnosis is extremely important as it is the basis for finding the most suitable treatment options. Therefore, a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis or treatment options can be crucial, and we are not alone in believing this. Most leading and reputable hospitals encourage their patients to get an outside assessment to validate the initial understanding of the patient’s condition. There is nothing to lose as a patient, and moreover, it can provide you with confidence as to whether or not the treatment you have been offered is the most suitable for your condition. A second opinion can also be beneficial in:

    • Confirming your diagnosis and giving you further information about the type of cancer, it’s stage and grade
    • Determining whether the cancer has spread to other parts of the body
    • Identifying other treatment options that may be more suitable
    • Alleviating any confusion over what your doctor has told you
    • Helping you if you’re not completely comfortable with your current treatment plan and would like to explore alternative options
    • Highlighting the very latest treatment options available to you

    In addition to this, it may help reduce medical errors, improve the quality of healthcare and decrease health care costs at both national and global levels. Getting a second opinion can help to achieve these goals by gaining access to a correct diagnosis faster, and eliminating unnecessary procedures and surgeries.

How to Get an Online Cancer Second Opinion Through OncoloMed

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    Oncolomed have helped and empowered over 500 patients globally in their cancer treatment journey through our services that include second opinions, diagnostics and tests, international treatment facilitation and case management. Learn how we have helped by reading some of our real life patient stories. 

    If you would like to explore a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment options,  arrange an online consultation to discuss your needs.

Questions to Ask When Getting a Second Opinion

    When seeking a second opinion, it is completely understandable to feel anxious about the situation. To make you feel more comfortable, you may want a friend or relative to accompany you to your appointment and it can also be beneficial to come prepared with a list of questions you may want to ask. As it can be a stressful situation, it may help for you or someone close to you to write these questions in advance. We have put together some guidance on questions you can ask when obtaining a second opinion on your cancer treatment or diagnosis.

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Simple Process to Get a Second Opinion at Oncolomed

Case specific information gathering icon

1 Case specific
information gathering

As a first step we would gather all reports, scans and case history from you.

Medical consultation and assessment icon

2 Medical consultation
and assessment

Subsequently we would reach out to leading Oncologists and Hospitals within our network to get an assessment of your case.

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3 Medical consultation

We would arrange for you to get a detailed assessment and consultation with one of our leading oncologists; all of which can be done remotely.

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