A dad’s happiness expressed through a letter

Difficult times result in treatments that build bonds that last a long time. We have the honour of collecting many such bonds. Here we detail out the story of a recent patient of ours who was in extremely bad shape with days to live, when contacting OncoloMed. After some research, we found that treatment in the Netherlands would probably be the patients best option, and the rest of the story is well described by a happy dad, who still have his son very much alive with him. Here is his story:

cancer treatment machine used

”In December 2019, my 38-year-old son became seriously ill with internal organ failure. He was admitted to our local hospital where he staid for about 2 months, of which several weeks in a coma. He received intensive care all the time. At the end of this period, we were told that they could not help him any more, and that he would die soon.

Via the internet I got in touch with OncoloMed and Torkel Oftedal. I sent him the medical journals, and got a quick answer back. Maybe Hospital Erasmus in Rotterdam could help? This was urgent, and an ambulance plane were ordered. The local doctors here did not think that he would make the flight, but if it is critical you have to try everything. I waited nervously for the plane's arrival in Rotterdam, and was continuously informed by the medical team on board during the trip. Upon arrival in Rotterdam late at night, he was immediately taken under treatment.

The doctors were very skeptical of his state of health. After a couple of weeks of treatment, optimism slowly returned. We saw little progress every day, although doctors said he could die at any time. After 4 weeks, we were told by the doctors that he was healthy enough to go home by ambulance flight again. Here he was 2 weeks of recreation and quarantine before he came home to us. A few months later, he is declared completely healthy. I can not praise OncoloMed and Erasmus MC enough. Treatment and information were very good. The hospital has 1,350 beds, all with private rooms and flat screens and sofa beds for relatives. There are opportunities for relatives for dining etc. A big thank you to Torkel Oftedal for very quick response to my inquiry, it was life saving.

Greetings from a dad."

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