Patient Receiving Heavy Beam Radiation Therapy

Patients and their families usually form a bond with OncoloMed that lasts beyond the cancer treatment they receive. We recently received a letter from the daughter of one of our patients from 2015. This patient had received Heavy Bean Radiation Therapy at one of our partner hospitals in Italy. We have translated the letter from one grateful daughter below.

"Dear Torkel,

This is DA writing to you.

In 2015 you helped send my mother, for treatment at xx in Italy. I can inform you that my mother is now cured and in good shape.  The cyst /growth has stopped growing and has even been reduced in size. She has had 3 MR scans at the Rikshospitalet,  had blood tests and consulted an eye specialist.  And the results are very positive.  She completed her treatment in April, 2016. Last week she had a consultation with a doctor at the Rikshospitalet where it was confirmed that the cyst has stopped growing. Her eyesight has become good again, she drives a car and has no problem reading. She continues to take her medication, but in every other respect this is all we could have dreamed of and asked for.

I just wish to thank you for your effort and assistance. Without you and your effort, my mother would probably not have been here today.

Yours sincerely

D.A. "

We are here for our patients and their families in this trying time. If you would like to find out how we have helped other patients in their journey, take a look at some of other patient stories.

image of cancer clinic in italy