Patient with Cancer in the Root of Tongue

Treatment facilitated in Germany

J.G. was a patient of Oncolomed almost 9 years ago. He was diagnosed with cancer in the root of his tongue. After carefully reviewing his situation and options, we facilitated his cancer treatment at Medias Klinikum, a clinic that specialises in regional chemotherapy.

Below you can find an image and the written text of the letter the patient wrote to Professor Aigner, when he was in the post-recovery stage and remission.

cancer patient stories letter

Text from the letter:

"Dear Professor A,

My name is Jan Gunnestad. I was a patient at your hospital from November 2011 till February 2012. I had cancer at the root of my tongue. Today I am completely free from cancer and am still working. I am 70 years old. Maybe you remember me? I believe the treatment I got at your hospital is the main reason why I am still alive. So thank you!

I got cancer once more in the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck, and this was cured at a hospital in Norway. That was in June of 2012. But there has never been any trace of cancer at the root of my tongue.

I have thought about writing you for a long time to tell you that your treatment was a success!  I am sending this letter with a friend of mine, K.K., who is coming to you for treatment. I know he is seriously ill and hope the best for him.

Give my regards to your staff.

Nesbru, September 10, 2014"

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Jan is just one of the patients we have helped and OncoloMed are blessed to have been in this position. You can read more stories from just a few of our patients to hear how we have guided and supported them during their treatment journey.

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