How Oncolomed Facilitated Treatment for One Patient

OncoloMed try to help patients and families receive the most suitable treatment for them that might not be easily available in their own home country. However, this does not mean that those treatments are not effective. Here's just one story from a patient where treatment was carried out a few years ago with the patient alive and well to the time of writing this.

This patient had pulmonary cancer and treatment offered in Norway was primarily palliative and not life extending.

The following letter was shared by a Specialist Oncologist from Norway which has been translated below. Any names are hidden to not breach confidentiality and privacy.

"Patient:  xxx

Diagnosis:  Cancer pulm, adenocarcinoma with metastases negative to EGFR and ALK.

The patient has a metastasised cancer. Pulmonary cancer with spread to the pelvis. The metastasis in the pelvis is so-called solitary. The treatment offered in Norway is mainly palliative. We have very limited possibilities of offering life-extending treatment to this group of patients. The patient has consulted a hospital in Germany and been given T ACE on the primary tumour as well as the metastasis.

This is an approved treatment technology that is also available at the Rikshospitalet. This patient is not among those who will receive this offer in Norway.

The effect of the therapy has been impressive. The metastasis is close to having disappeared and the primary tumor has been greatly reduced.

Yours sincerely


Chief Oncologist"

Our aim is to find the most suitable treatment for the patient, irrespective of geographical borders and limitations. Learn more about how we can facilitate cancer treatment abroad.

statement from oncologist in relation to a cancer patient story